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Thursday, October 20, 2011

BMW to launch the Mini for Indian markets

The Germany based BMW recently announced that they will be releasing the luxury car Mini in India in 2012. The small car will be optimized for the Indian market and will feature many interesting accessories.

Andreas Schaaf, president of BMW India, said they plan to develop the brand image of the Mini before its release next year. He also said they will introduce a dealer in Bombay, and two others in the region of Delhi. They also plan to open up to four dealers in 2013 and three more will be added in 2014.

Since the Mini is supposed to be a luxury car, it will be targeting customers top class in India. BMW said that the Mini will probably cost more than 25 INR lakh. The car was intended to be released by BMW in 2009 but the project was postponed for reasons of viability due.

The Mini brand has several models like the coupe, convertible, sedan, compatriot and Clubman. BMW will not release all the alternatives and, instead of introducing selective models only suitable for Indian automobile market.

The premium brand in India over car BMW hopes to increase its activities in the Indian region and aims to sell about 70,000 units per year by 2020. BMW currently manufactures 3 series and 5 series models in India and 7 series cars are assembled from imported kits. High quality car Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are currently the most formidable competitors for BMW that can threaten its share in the Indian markets.


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